Distance Learning programs for students learning remotely from home or in the classroom.

The MFA offers two ways to connect students through distance learning with its global collection of art. Reserve an individual classroom videoconference program on a date of your choice, or join free livestreamed programs on a range of topics scheduled throughout the school year.

These live interactive programs connect students with an MFA educator to engage in discussion and activities that encourage a deeper understanding of the work of an art museum and how art connects us to the human experience, both past and present.

Individual Classroom Videoconference Programs

Students connect with an MFA educator for a 30–45 minute private session.

Program Offerings

Discover how 20th-century African American artists Allan Rohan Crite and Walter Augustus Simon and contemporary artist Rob “Problak” Gibbs found inspiration in the places and communities in which they lived and worked. Introduce students to how an artist’s style can be influenced by the environment and the people around them.

Recommended for Grades 1–5

Explore ancient Nubia through its magnificent jewelry, pottery, and sculpture. Students learn how the Museum is confronting 20th-century biases that led to misinterpretations of Nubian art and culture in the past and how the MFA now offers new ways of understanding Nubia’s history and contemporary relevance.

Recommended for Grades 6–12

Examine classical works of art depicting activities of work and play to see what these objects reveal about the daily life of men, women, and children who lived in ancient Greece.

Recommended for Grades 4–12


Programs are offered January 3–June 10, 2022. No programming during February vacation week (February 21–25) and April vacation week (April 18–22). All times ET.

Available Mondays and Thursdays 9 am–4 pm and Fridays 9 am–1 pm, and can accommodate individual class schedules.


$175 per individual classroom (up to 30 students)
Note: no charge to Boston Public Schools or Lawrence Public Schools through a pre-funded program. Limited additional funding is available for schools with demonstrated need. Please contact distancelearning@mfa.org to inquire.

How to Book

To request an Individual Classroom Videoconference Program, please submit a request form at least 2 weeks prior to your preferred program date. Your program will be confirmed within 3–5 business days. Questions? Contact distancelearning@mfa.org.

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Free Livestreamed Programs

Students connect with an MFA educator in 30-minute live interactive programs.

Distance Learning
Online Events
June 2, 2022
11:10 am–11:40 am

Recommended for Grades 6–12

Distance Learning
Online Events
June 2, 2022
1:10 pm–1:40 pm

Recommended for Grades 6–12



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