The Museum of Fine Arts Library comprises the William Morris Hunt Memorial Library, eight curatorial department libraries, and the Center for Netherlandish Art Library. The combined library holdings total more than 476,303 items, including 60,000 auction catalogs and over 150,000 serials and ephemera. The library collection reflects the strength of the Museum’s encyclopedic collections and supports research on the Museum’s permanent collections, special exhibitions, and general art history.

Founded in 1987, the Museum Archives contain historically significant records from the Museum’s administrative and curatorial departments since the Museum’s founding in 1870. For more information, please contact the Museum Archives directly at 617-369-3378.

Visiting the Library

The William Morris Hunt Memorial Library is currently closed to the public as the Reading Room transitions from its off-site location to the main building.

We hope to reopen to the public as soon as resources become available in the new off-site storage location to fulfill requests.

Please also note that reference inquiries are not accepted at this time. Please check back for further updates.


The library’s holdings are reflected in the Fenway Libraries Organization catalog.

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