MFA Mobile on Bloomberg Connects

Free multimedia tours about MFA art and artists

MFA Mobile on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app, offers rich content to amplify your in-gallery experience or explore from home. Artists, curators, conservators, and more give deep dives into the MFA’s collections and exhibitions with immersive audio and video experiences that are specially produced for MFA Mobile. We’re regularly adding more to the app, so download it today and check back often.

The app is accessible and includes text transcripts and audio descriptions of the art for visitors who are blind or have low vision. For the full in-gallery experience, bring your earbuds or headphones.

Download it before you visit and look out for the phone symbol on labels in the galleries.

Example of MFA Mobile symbol on artwork labels

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Digital experience supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The audio of MFA Mobile tours have been optimized with Knisper: software that uses a smart algorithm to improve the clarity of voices for everyone, and particularly for people who are hard of hearing.