Past Exhibitions

Philip Guston Now

May 1–September 11, 2022

Experience a retrospective of Philip Guston’s work, from Depression-era muralist and painter to contemporary master and voice for social justice.

Turner’s Modern World

March 27–July 10, 2022

See more than 100 paintings, watercolors, drawings, and sketchbooks by J. M. W. Turner, including the MFA’s own Turner painting Slave Ship.

Real Photo Postcards
Pictures from a Changing Nation

March 17–July 25, 2022

In 1903, at the height of the worldwide craze for postcards, the Eastman Kodak Company unveiled a new product: the postcard camera. The device exposed...

Tattoos in Japanese Prints

November 20, 2021–February 20, 2022

Some of the world’s most popular tattoo motifs trace back to early 19th-century Edo (modern Tokyo), where tattoo artists took inspiration from color...

Helina Metaferia: Generations

November 6, 2021–April 11, 2022

Helina Metaferia collaborates with women of color and female artists. See their “everyday revolutions” in collage and installation art.

Fabric of a Nation
American Quilt Stories

October 10, 2021–January 17, 2022

Quilts tell stories about their makers and collectors. History is told by artists including Bisa Butler, Harriet Powers, and other American makers.

Paper Stories, Layered Dreams
The Art of Ekua Holmes​

July 17, 2021–January 24, 2022

Join Boston artist Ekua Holmes as she shares her story through vibrant collage art and representation in Children's Book Art Illustrations.

New Light: Encounters and Connections

July 3, 2021–August 22, 2022

Experience the MFA’s collection—ranging from contemporary art to ancient Egyptian—in dialogue for the first time. Visit today!

Garden for Boston

June 22–October 12, 2021

Enjoy a community gardens project by artists and activists Ekua Holmes and Elizabeth James-Perry about the land the MFA occupies.

Samantha Nye: My Heart’s in a Whirl

June 12–October 31, 2021

Appreciate Samantha Nye’s music video utopias that expand the parameters of love, sex, and belonging. Don't miss this unique exhibition!