Past Exhibitions

Ancient Nubia Now

October 13, 2019–January 20, 2020

Might and majesty on the Nile This exhibition of magnificent jewelry, pottery, sculpture, metalwork, and more from the MFA’s collection of ancient...

Photographs from the Howard Greenberg Collection

August 10–December 15, 2019

Defining images from the 20th century

Kay Nielsen’s Enchanted Vision
The Kendra and Allan Daniel Collection

July 20, 2019–January 20, 2020

Enter a world of beauty from the mind of a rare visionary

Make Believe

July 20, 2019–January 20, 2020

Fantasy, fairy tales, and magic from five contemporary photographers

Hyman Bloom: Matters of Life and Death

July 13, 2019–February 23, 2020

In search of an inner truth

Mural: Jackson Pollock | Katharina Grosse

July 1, 2019–February 23, 2020

Abstraction on a massive scale

Community Arts Initiative: Mindful Mandalas

May 18–October 14, 2019

Kids collaborate to create art through meditation

Collecting Stories: A Mid-Century Experiment

May 4, 2019–March 8, 2020

Which artists will stand the test of time—and who decides?

Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica

April 13–September 16, 2019

A waning beauty in an uncertain future

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Stars of Paris

April 7–August 4, 2019

Experience the celebrity culture of 19th-century Paris