Making a Gift of Art

Contact the Gifts of Art Program to inform us that you are considering a gift to the MFA. Although we realize that owners may not have all the facts about their art, we will be most able to assist you if you can provide the artist's name, date of creation, title, medium, country of origin, size of the work, and other relevant information, along with photographs of the piece. After initial consideration, the Museum may request to see the work of art in person.

Once you know the MFA is interested in your work of art, you'll need to consider several options for giving to determine which best fits your individual circumstances. Request more information about your options when giving a gift of art. A member of the Gifts of Art Program will be in touch with more information as needed.

Various benefits of making a gift of art to the MFA include:

  • membership in the Denman Waldo Ross Society
  • credit for the value of the gift in your cumulative giving record at the MFA, which is applied toward Benefactor status, the highest level of recognition the Museum offers
  • satisfaction in knowing that your treasured works of art will be cared for to the highest standards and displayed for the scholarship and enjoyment of generations to come at one of the world's great museums
  • a charitable deduction for income tax purposes
  • removal of items from your estate, thereby avoiding potential estate tax on the value of those objects

For more information on making a gift of art, please contact the Gifts of Art Program at