Gifts of Art Inquiry Form

Thank you for your offer of a gift of art to the MFA! So that our team and curators can review your offer, please provide us with information about the artwork. Please allow at least 2 to 4 weeks for a reply.

To send photographs of the object, please submit this inquiry form and respond to the confirmation e-mail with the photographs attached.

For more information about Gifts of Art, please see How to Give Art or e-mail


Tell Us About Your Artwork

Please provide as much information as possible to help us consider your offer.

If known (such as “oil on canvas” or “silver”)

Please describe the group of objects. Include the number of items, the type of objects, the artist or artists, if known, and the date and place where the artworks were made. If possible, please describe one or two highlight objects.

In which area of the MFA collection would this artwork belong? Select all that apply.

Please share any other information you may have about the artwork, such as:

  • Dimensions
  • Any signatures, labels, or markings
  • History of ownership of the object
  • Physical condition of object
  • Current location of object
  • Additional notes