Past Exhibitions

Charlotte Salomon
Life? or Theatre?

August 9–October 28, 2000

In response to personal tragedies and a world darkening with the rise of Nazi persecution, a young German Jewish woman created a series of small...

Common Threads
A Showcase of Samplers

March 25–July 23, 2000

Whether made by schoolgirls to practice their needlework skills, by amateur embroiderers to collect stitches and patterns, or by professionals to...

Edward Weston
Photography and Modernism

March 19–May 28, 2000

In 1927, a noted critic proclaimed photography "the new art of the twentieth century" and Edward Weston among its few "unquestioned masters." Weston...

Crowning Glories
Two Centuries of Tiaras

March 1–June 25, 2000

Tiaras, long associated with grand occasions and glamorous women, were once at the top of the hierarchy of jewelry. From the late eighteenth century...

Contemporary Marbling by Feridun Özgören

October 15, 1999–April 12, 2000

Paper marbling, ebrû in Turkish, is a traditional art of the Islamic world. The marbler creates the colorful, swirling patterns of ebrû by floating...

Drawn to Design

June 5–November 7, 1999

This exhibition brought together working and presentation drawings and watercolors for the decorative arts from the Renaissance to the present. Based...

Ancient Gold: The Wealth of the Thracians
Treasures from the Republic of Bulgaria

April 3–June 6, 1999

The greatest concentration of gold and silver treasure from ancient Europe has come to light in the Republic of Bulgaria, the heart of the territory...

Fashions and Fabric in a Classical Mode

March 24–July 25, 1999

Art of the ancient Mediterranean world has been a vital and enduring source of inspiration for artists. Since Rome’s conquest of Greece and adoption...

Abelardo Morell and the Camera Eye

February 17–April 11, 1999

Through the eye of his camera, Abelardo Morell explores with the ways in which we perceive our everyday world. His pictures magically transform the...

Ambassadors from the East
Oriental Rugs in the MFA

September 30, 1998–January 24, 1999

In 1893 the Museum of Fine Arts acquired its first important carpet: an action-packed pictorial rug woven during the reign of Mughal Indian emperor...