Patron Program Newsletter: Winter 2019

In this issue, meet new staff members at the MFA, read about the Patron trip to Berlin, learn about the upcoming Graciela Iturbide exhibition, and check out photos from recent Patron events.

New and Familiar Faces at the MFA

Patron Program Committee
The Museum recently announced the appointment of a chief development officer and five curatorial chairs. New Hires Cameran joined the MFA in July. In…

A Hidden Gem at the MFA

Patron Program Committee
On your next visit to the MFA, look for a Museum treasure in the small but magnificent Gothic Gallery, 218. A spectacular stained-glass window draws…

MFA Travel: Berlin Trip Recap

Patron Program Committee
Berlin, like its museums, is incredibly diverse and vibrant. Even though the city’s collections are not as well known as those in London or Paris…

Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico

Patron Program Committee
“This exhibition provides the opportunity to discover complex and compelling works of a contemporary photographer from Mexico.” — Kristen Gresh…

Recap of Spring and Fall 2018 Patron Events

Patron Program Committee
Patrons gathered for the Spring Patron Season Closer, celebrating members who have been Patrons for more than 20 years, and enjoyed a fun photo booth…