Museum Council

One-on-one conversations with art experts, dinner with like-minded art enthusiasts, exquisite works of art: this was the setting for the February 7 Connoisseurship Seminar and Dinner for Museum Council Fellow and Patron members; one of the many, one-of-a-kind opportunities available for Museum Council members who elevate their membership level.

From Council Fellow Molly Fazio:

My seminar experience included viewing, analyzing, and holding intricate snuffboxes dating as far back as the 1700s, and posing questions to a world-class curator in real time. The evening concluded with a beautiful formal dinner among European paintings in Gallery 250, complete with wonderful cuisine and conversation.

For me, the events—this one, along with numerous other special access opportunities and events offered to Museum Council Fellows and Patrons, including New England Art Tours and viewing in-home private collections—are a truly unique privilege. I joined the Museum Council last year and elevated my membership to a Fellow after a few months. I am thrilled that I did—it has provided me with a priceless experience.