Curators Circles: Swan Society

Enjoy insider access to one of the great collections of European paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts from the medieval period through the mid-20th century. Named for James Swan (1754–1831), a pioneering Boston collector, Swan Society members seek a deeper connection with our European masterpieces, exhibitions, and art experts. Swan Society programs encourage close looking at original works of art, share current research and insights into curatorial decision-making, and stimulate dialogue between museum professionals and participants.

Contributions from every Curators Circles membership provide vital operating funds for the respective departments and curators.

For more information about this Curators Circle's programming, please contact Cara Wolahan, department coordinator, at

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Of the $1,500 annual contribution for this Curators Circle, $1,375 is tax deductible. This is based on the fair market value of benefits. A tax receipt will be provided.
Dates, times, and events are subject to change.