Founded by its parent organization, The Foundation for the Arts, Nagoya (FAN), the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts (N/BMFA) was established as the sister museum of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to share with Japan a comprehensive view of world art from across all cultures and time periods. Since its opening on April 17, 1999, when the 20-year partnership (1999–2019) was launched, the N/BMFA has presented more than 30 major exhibitions organized by the MFA with the N/BMFA, sharing more than 2,700 works from the MFA’s encyclopedic collection. Exhibitions are developed through the collaborative efforts of MFA and N/BMFA curators, who travel between Boston and Nagoya to study, share research, and discuss exhibitions. The N/BMFA also has served as an important model for artistic and cultural exchange between the United States and Japan, and has become an integral part of the vibrant community life in Nagoya, a flourishing center of commerce and industry in the heart of Japan.

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