January 13–November 26, 2023

Otherworldly Realms of Wu Junyong

In “Otherworldly Realms of Wu Junyong,” heroes face off in mighty clashes with their enemies; charming animals growl at one another, vying for superiority; and monks retreat into murky caves, searching for inner peace. Artist Wu Junyong (b. 1978) brings these scenes to life in joyous mixed-media works on paper, where, beneath playful imagery and riotous color, dark truths hide and serenity awaits in secluded haunts.

Wu grew up in a family of artisans who created sculptures and murals for local temples in their southern Chinese village. Immersed in China’s folklore throughout his childhood, he became fascinated with European painting and the heroes of ancient Greek mythology after arriving in art school. His work reflects all these influences, seamlessly blending diverse historical traditions with his contemporary experience to express human emotions, conflicts, and aspirations that transcend time and borders.

  • Gallery next to MFA Signature Shop (Gallery 183)


Generously supported by Bonnie Huang. Additional support from Eva Hu, the Joel Alvord and Lisa Schmid Alvord Fund, the Diane Krane Family and Jonathan and Gina Krane Family Fund, and the Dr. Robert A. and Dr. Veronica Petersen Fund for Exhibitions.