November 11, 2023–April 28, 2024

Creative Spaces: The Photographer’s Studio as Inspiration

A photographer’s studio is a laboratory of creativity—a physical and psychological space for meditation, collaboration, and experimentation. “Creative Spaces: The Photographer’s Studio as Inspiration” invites visitors to step inside these rooms through approximately 30 photographs from the 20th and 21st centuries that document photographers’ rarely seen studios.

The exhibition explores the studio as a site of solitary invention for some photographers and, for others, an area activated by the presence of their subjects—whether children, backdrops, props, animals, or simply light. Florence Henri, Roger Ballen, and Robert Cumming mix natural and manmade elements in their work to produce simple tabletop arrangements while Rachel Perry and William Wegman use unconventional materials and methods. The breadth of photographers included in the exhibition represents the numerous processes and approaches to the medium, including multiple exposures, photo collages, cyanotypes, Polaroids, and digital prints.

In “Creative Spaces” viewers can consider what sparks an artist’s imagination and the many different ways to define a studio.

  • Herb Ritts Gallery (Gallery 169)