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Arts and Crafts Jewelry in Boston
Frank Gardner Hale and His Circle

Nonie Gadsden, Meghan Melvin, and Emily Stoehrer
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192 pages, 115 color illustrations, 8 × 10 in., ISBN: 978-0-87846-857-7 

A vibrant and active community of jewelry makers at the turn of the century in Boston, united by the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement, created works of wearable art that came to define the “Boston look” — characterized by colorful stones and brilliant enamels in exquisitely designed and handcrafted settings. Frank Gardner Hale, the most prominent and prolific figure in this community and a leader of the city’s Society of Arts and Crafts, worked alongside many important makers, among them Josephine Hartwell Shaw, Edward Everett Oakes, Margaret Rogers, and Elizabeth Copeland.

This book reproduces dozens of ornaments in dazzling color, accompanied by design drawings from the extensive Frank Gardner Hale Archive at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The authoritative text by scholars of jewelry and design history explores how Hale and his contemporaries expressed Arts and Crafts principles in the creation of jewels of enduring allure.

About the Author

Nonie Gadsden is Katharine Lane Weems Senior Curator of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Meghan Melvin is Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Curator of Design at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Emily Stoehrer is Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.