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Art and Artifice
Japanese Photographs of the Meiji Era

Anne Nishimura Morse, Frederic A. Sharf, Sebastian Dobson

These photographs reveal an astounding virtuosity—not only in composition but also in the technique of color retouching, which brought views of gardens, bustling cityscapes, and theatrical performances to a new level of vividness. Blatantly artificial, they also convey a resonant picture of Japanese society at the dawn of the modern age. Art and Artifice provides an elegant introduction to Meiji-era photography and the world in which it flourished.

Editorial Reviews
“A fascinating look at the beginnings of Japan’s love affair with photography” (American Photo, “Best Books of 2005”).
“A clear and concise history…Highly recommended” (Choice).
“A lovely introduction to the photography of the Meiji era” (Book News).