Merchandise Licensing

Whether reproducing well-known images for note cards, creating replicas of nineteenth-century American furniture for today's home furnishing market, or adapting a textile design for wallpaper, MFA Images can provide inspiration and name recognition in all categories of retail product. Accommodating one-time payment or royalty-based fee structures depending on product specifications, the MFA seeks fresh, new ways of reproducing art objects from its collection while accurately and tastefully remaining true to the integrity of the original artwork. You may research over 160,000 images in the MFA collection by searching our online collections database. Or visit the Popular Categories page for compilations of some frequently requested categories.

Summary of MFA product licensing policy:

  • Permission for rights to reproduce images of MFA artwork in any medium may only be obtained in writing from MFA Images.
  • Production of a licensed product may only proceed after both parties' authorized representatives sign a merchandise licensing agreement.
  • Subject to licensing provisions, the MFA will usually grant a Licensee a non-exclusive right to use an image within or on a product.
  • License costs are determined by the rights requested, the MFA artwork involved, the type of product to be produced, and the duration of the license. Therefore, any compensation or royalty arrangements will be individually determined for each license request. An advance on royalty and minimum guaranteed royalty payable to the MFA is standard for all licensing agreements.
  • The MFA will require basic object information to be included in some fashion with or on the product and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to be credited. The MFA will usually allow a licensee to use the MFA name in connection with the marketing, distribution, and sale of the product.
  • The MFA requires that any licensed product be of the highest quality, and that it be consistent with the history, dignity, and mission of the MFA. Final product designs must be approved by the MFA before any production, marketing, or advertising takes place. The MFA will also need to view and approve all promotional material.
  • Most licenses are limited to a term from one to five years with the possibility of renewal, which is granted at MFA's sole discretion. The MFA always reserves the right to propose modifications to any license granted.
  • Licensed reproductions must only be made from color transparencies, high-resolution digital files, or black and white photographs provided by the MFA.
  • Transparency rentals are for an agreed period of time, which may be extended at the MFA's discretion, although charges will be made if the transparency is overdue without permission. For transparencies, a rental fee is charged and the materials must be returned to the MFA at the end of the rental period, otherwise replacement costs will be incurred. Digital files and black and white photographs are purchased from the MFA and need not be returned, however any use beyond the scope of the license agreement is prohibited.
  • Licensees are responsible for procuring proper patent, trademark, and copyright protection of any licensed product. Licensees will also indemnify the MFA against all suits for copyright or intellectual property infringement, since the MFA will usually not warranty against legal action resulting from the reproduction of its artwork. Licensees are also responsible for obtaining product liability insurance when needed.

Permission Application

If you are interested in applying for permission to license images of artwork in the MFA collection for merchandise, please print and complete our Merchandise Licensing Request form and submit it by fax or mail to MFA Images.

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