Letter from Sargent to Robinson, March 13, 1904

31 Tite Street
Sunday [March 13th 1904]

My dear Ned

When I wrote to Madrazo for the photographs I mentioned that the Boston Museum was what I should try for – so I don’t think there is anything to be gained by not saying where the offer of $15,000 comes from – I have not been able to telegraph today as there is no office open within miles – Madrazo’s address is 22 Calle de los Madrazo, Madrid – If I were you I would wire as follows:

Madrazo 22 Calle de los Madrazo Madrid – Musee Boston offre quinze mille dollars du Greco telegraphiez résponse Robinson Garlands [sic] Hotel Suffolk Street Pall Mall Londres

Sargent –

If you don’t approve and wish to wire differently do so, and use or sign my name if you like.

I am sending the photograph along with this for you & Sam to see –

Yours sincerely,

John S. Sargent

I expect you on Tuesday at ¼ to 1.

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