Letter from Sargent to Fairbanks, August 2, 1919

[On Copley Plaza stationery]
Aug. 2nd 1919

Dear Mr Fairbanks

I owe you acknowledgment for two letters-- One regarding the decision of the Trustees concerning the treatment of the piers of the Rotunda. I regret that some other entrance into those secondary corridors cannot be affected other than by cutting through the piers that support the dome and ought to look solid –

With regard to the painting I did out in France, I have been hesitating about submitting it to the Trustees for fear they should think it too incomplete for the Museum. I daresay that at this season the Trustees are all abroad at any rate. If you will let me know when they meet again, I will have come to a conclusion about it and be ready to send it down –

Yours sincerely

John S. Sargent

Accession Number: znew915192

This letter is a part of The John Singer Sargent Archive.

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