Letter from Sargent to Clark, December 20, 1923

[On Copley Plaza stationery]
Dec 20 [1923]

Dear Mr Clark

I cannot approve of asking the Museum for my water-colours for the simple reason that it is not six months since Boston, Worcester and Brooklyn sent theirs over to Paris, some of them, Boston especially, very reluctantly, and I do not wish to abuse [?] of their obligingness – So if you have already written to Boston I sincerely wish that you would withdraw your request. I feel so keenly about this that I am writing to Mr Fairbanks to say that I do not expect the request to be granted.

The fact that I have still got a lot of decoration work to do for the Boston Museum makes me careful not to strain the good relations I have with the Trustees.

I hope you will see my point.

Yours sincerely,

John S. Sargent

Accession Number: SC.SargentArchive.9.5

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