Letter from Sargent to Clark, February 15, 1924

[On Copley Plaza stationery]
Feb. 15th [1924]

in reply to 3 letters of Feb 13th

Dear Mr Clark

I cannot write to Mr. Goelet—I think I told you why—

The Boston, Brooklyn, & Worcester, & Metropolitan Museum had all recently sent their watercolours to Paris, which is why I did not wish any of them to be asked again—I cannot ask for them or approve of them being asked. Of course a small sprinkling of 12 water- colours is no use at all and I should suggest their being returned to Worcester and to Mrs. Blanchard—but just as you like—

I hope Mr. Winthrop has lent his father’s portrait.

I don’t remember the date of any of them—and I don’t see any necessity for dates.

Yours Sincerely,

John S. Sargent

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