Letter from Sargent to Clark, January 9, 1924

[On Copley Plaza stationery]
Jan. 9th [1924]

Dear Mr Clark

Behold the envelope! both packages came the same day – I think I once wrote to you that I had no objection to one of the Rockefeller portraits being exhibited – the one facing you and looking up.

If you ask me, I should suggest Mr Bayley of the Copley Gallery 103 Clarendon Street, as agent for collecting pictures here.

I cannot see any reason for asking the Met. Museum for Mr Marquand’s portrait – I don’t think it is one of my best by any means. We agree that it was not worth while borrowing things from a New York Museum – and have not changed my mind – and at any rate I think Mme X is infinitely better, and even two genre pictures – but I shouldn’t ask for any of them.

Yours sincerely,

John S. Sargent

Accession Number: SC.SargentArchive.9.14

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