Conservation Project: Costume Accessories, Materials

Type, brand, supplier:


  • double-sided tape (polyester transparent); 3M Tape No. 415; University Products hot melt; Bostik Thermogrip #6363; University Products


  • needle punch polyester batting; Polyfelt®; Buffalo Batt and Felt


  • corrugated, single wall 1/8"; Archivart® Multi-Use Board; Archivart
  • corrugated, double wall 1/4"; Archivart® Multi-Use Board; Archivart
  • fine fluted corrugated board; Perma-Dur® Archival Corrugated E-flute Board; University Products
  • mounting board, 2-ply; Kensington™ 100% Rag; University Products
  • mounting board, 4-ply; Kensington™ 100% Rag; University Products

Card Stock

  • folder stock .020 weight; Perma-Dur® Folder Stock; University Products


  • cotton stockinet (knit, tubular); Cotton surgical stockinet, 2" and 4" widths; Grogan’s Healthcare Supply
  • cotton muslin (unbleached, unsized cotton print cloth); 400U; Test Fabrics
  • polyester stockinet (knit, tubular); White Polyester Stockinet; Benchmark
  • silk knit; Silk knit #34B, 220gm; Thai silks
  • silk habutae (China silk); Habutae, 8MM Style 609; Test Fabrics

Paper: Tissue

  • unbuffered tissue (thick); PhotoTex; Archivart
  • unbuffered tissue (thin); Unbuffered acid-free tissue; University Products

Paper: Tubes

  • acid- and lignin- free tubes; Archivart® Rolling and Storage Tubes; Archivart


  • polyester batting; Poly-Fil®; Buffalo Batt and Felt
  • polyester film; Mylar® D, 2 mil; University Products
  • polyethylene foam plank; Ethafoam®, 220 plank density; Dow Chemical
  • polyethylene foam rod; Hercules Backer Rod; University Products
  • closed cell polyethylene foam; Tri-rod backer rod and Volara® Type A; University Products
  • polyolefin sheet/spunbonded polyolefin; Tyvek 1056D Sheeting and Tyvek 1422A Softwrap; University Products
  • fluted polyethylene, polypropylene copolymer; Coroplast® Corrugated Platic Sheets; University Products
  • fluted polyethylene, polypropylene copolymer with corrosion & electrostatic discharge protection; Coro-stat Coroplast™; Coroplast
  • polyolefin tubing; Polyolefin 2:1 Heat-shrink Tubing; Benchmark


  • unbleached, unsized cotton twill tape; Twill tape; Benchmark
  • self adhesive hook and loop fasteners; Velcro®; University Products
  • cotton/polyester thread; All purpose thread; The Fabric Place
  • frame sealing tape; Perma/Seal®; University Products