Reflections from the Center for Netherlandish Art Fellows

Through its fellowship program, the CNA nurtures future generations of scholars and specialists in Netherlandish Art. The 2022–23 fellows have written a series of reflections on their work at the CNA through closer looks at Dutch and Flemish art from the MFA’s collection. These insightful essays offer a glimpse at the work the fellows have done to foster meaningful connections that enhance the field of Netherlandish art.

An Elegant Party Making Music

Aagje Lybeer
“We weep with the weeping, laugh with the laughing, and grieve with the grieving. These movements of the soul are made known by movements of the body…

Africa, Infrastructure, and Empire in Rubens’s Portrait of Mulay Ahmad

Braden Lee Scott
Painted around 1609, Peter Paul Rubens’s portrait of Mulay Ahmad depicts an African man from the waist up, standing before a city and a massive…

Spending Time with Sculpture

Emily Hirsch
How do you start writing a paper, an e-mail, or a letter? Often our first thoughts are not the final product we want other others to read. Instead we…