Recitation of Verses from Sura 3 of the Qurʾan

Two rows of black Arabic script on a slightly yellowed piece of paper

Dr. Sheikh Mohamed Shaakir of the Bayan Institute (Roxbury, Massachusetts) recites verses from Surat Al ‘Imran from the Qurʾan. Surat Al ’Imran is the third chapter of the Qur’an and translates roughly to “The People of ‘Imran.”

Listen to the recitation of verses from Surat Al ‘Imran here, or visit the Arts of Islamic Cultures gallery to see them in calligraphic form (object record).

Parts of verses 86 and 87 of Surat Al ‘Imran are written on this Qurʾan page in gold. They can be translated as: “They have been shown clear proof. God does not guide those who cast others into darkness. Such people will be rewarded with rejection by God.”

Translation is adapted from Dr. Mustafa Khattab’s translation.


Unknown artist, page from a Qurʾan manuscript, Mamluk period, 14th century. Ink and gold on paper. Bequest of Charles Bain Hoyt—Charles Bain Hoyt Collection.