The Economic and Community Impacts of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, has been an internationally renowned art museum, a key educator, and an essential contributor to our city and region’s cultural and civic life for more than 180 years. We have been of—and for—Boston, striving always to play a leadership role in our community. We are committed to dependable results and sound management practices in the service of our overall goal: to celebrate diverse cultures through art, welcome new and broader constituencies, encourage inquiry, and heighten public understanding and appreciation of the many artistic and cultural treasures of our world.

The Museum is also an economic leader. We are pleased to share this report, which details the myriad ways the Museum contributes to the local economy as an employer, business partner, venue, tourism asset, and as a contributor to the Boston “brand.” This report provides both the quantitative and qualitative evidence of the MFA’s economic and community impact, detailing how the Museum—as a community anchor institution—contributes to the region as a thriving arts organization and as an economic catalyst.

The Economic and Community Impacts of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (PDF)

For the complete methodology of this report and more detailed data:

Technical Appendix: 2015 Economic Impact Study of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (PDF)

2011 PILOT Report (PDF)