Community Programs

Artful Adventures Programs

MFA Artful Adventures offers customized lessons, tours, and art-making activities based on the Museum's collections for groups of children of all ages.

Artful Adventures at the MFA

A customized introduction to the MFA and its collections for groups of children from early childhood, after school, nontraditional school settings, special needs programs, and summer camps. Participatory and interactive, programs at the MFA last an hour and a half and include a tour and an art-making activity.

Home School Programs

Specially designed home school programs for children between the ages of 6-18 years that meet on Friday mornings September through June.

Off-Site Programs and Festivals

Off-site programs last 1 hour and include a story, hand-on materials and pictures from the Museum's collections, and an art-making activity. Museum instructors can also provide drop-in art-making activities for children of all ages during a festival or event.

Cub Scouts | Girl Scouts

Tours and badge workshops specifically designed for cub scouts and girl scouts.

Artful Healing Programs

Artful Healing

Artful Healing offers theme-based art-making activities at area hospitals and healthcare centers for children, youth, teens, and their families in a group setting or at bedside in patients' rooms.

Beyond the Spectrum

Beyond the Spectrum is a monthly program designed for children on the Autism Spectrum.

Community Arts Initiative

Community Arts Initiative

The Community Arts Initiative works with after-school programs and community organizations to introduce young people to the Museum's collections and the art-making process.

Artist Project

The Artist Project is a collaboration between an experienced artist, the Museum of Fine Arts, and ten after-school community organizations in the Boston area. The program is designed to engage children in the art-making process under the guidance of a lead artist.

Call to Artists

Each year a new experienced artist with a passion for community arts plans and leads a project with children between the ages of six and twelve. The project engages children in a creative experience that connects with art from the Museum's collections. The final product is a collaborative work that reflects the voices and ideas of participating children and is exhibited in the Edward H. Linde Gallery (168) in the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art.

Teen Arts Council

The Teen Arts Council (TAC) is an apprenticeship program for a group of teenagers who work for the Museum in a variety of leadership and learning opportunities and serve as ambassadors promoting the MFA in the Greater Boston community.

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