Art and Medicine workshops at the MFA provide opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and relaxation. Sessions also focus on building communication skills, teamwork and improving observation skills all through the lens of the MFA’s collection. The MFA has been working closely with medical professionals in the Boston area and nationally to develop programs for residents, interns, nurses and medical specialists.

Art educators work closely with medical professionals to tailor each workshop to the group’s interests and needs. Workshops are co-taught by trained art educators and the lead doctor arranging the program. Participants have the opportunity to visit a variety of galleries in the museum during the program and activities range from group discussion to individual contemplation to art making exercises. The artwork selected provides the focus for these conversations and activities.

The MFA has developed programs for Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Tufts Medical Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Harvard Medical School, among others. The MFA offers single workshops as well as multi-visit sessions depending on the group’s needs.


If you are interested in bringing a group to the MFA for a workshop contact Brooke DiGiovanni Evans, Head of Gallery Learning at 617-369-3309,


Each workshop is $50 per participant (includes Museum admission). We charge for a minimum of 10 people. Payment in full is due on the day of your visit, not in advance.


“I was really surprised by how effective this was at helping me connect with my experience of being a doctor and all the emotions and things I don’t have time to think about/reflect/process day to day. Thanks!”
—Medical resident

“The connections we were able to make with our lives/jobs were really powerful. I hadn’t thought about art in this way before. It was a great opportunity for reflection.”
—Medical resident

Sample Workshop

The MFA has partnered with Brigham & Women’s Hospital since 2009, to present a two-hour workshop as part of the Humanistic Curriculum, an aspect of training for first-year residents focusing on some of the challenging human aspects and issues of medical practice. The MFA workshop uses objects from the Contemporary, Ancient, Asian, American, and European collections as springboards for exercises and discussions that connect to such issues as dealing with death, sharing different perspectives, professionalism, and self care.

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Art and Medicine Workshops are presented with support from the Dr. Robert and Jane B. Mayer Fund.

MFA programs in partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School are sponsored by Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh.