Friday, June 21, 2019
10:30 am–12:30 pm
John, Bertram A. and Ronald M. Druker Family Pavilion (159A)

Please meet your instructors in the classroom by 10:15 am.

Ticket Required

Ages 3–5

Masks and Feelings

Masks are used in events, plays, and celebrations by people all over the world. Explore different emotions while thinking about how masks can be used to express important feelings.
Activity: Create and decorate a plaster mask.
Instructors: Kara Stokowski and Alanna Woodlock

Ages 6–8

Flora, Fauna, and the World Around Us

Animals and plants can help us learn more about the environment. Discover what we can learn about the places that artists lived by looking at the animals and plants found in their artwork. Join us on a scavenger hunt through the galleries in search of as many different types of animals and plants that we can find.
Activity: Create a sketchbook filled with examples of the plants and animals you find in the galleries.
Instructors: Sarah Pollman and Molly Lamb

Ages 9–11

Outdoor Sculpture and Public Art

Weather permitting, explore some of the sculptures and public art found outside on MFA grounds and in Tenshin-en, the Japanese garden.
Activity: Create your own sculpture designed for the outdoors.
Instructor: Barrett Grizzard


Egyptian Shrines

Explore objects of grave importance in ancient Egypt while learning about some of the slab construction techniques used in the Nubian Kingdom.
Activity: Sculpt a miniature architectural shrine out of air-dry clay.
Instructor: Gianna Stewart

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Ticket Information

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We regret that there is no make-up, refund, or rescheduling for classes missed by a child, even those due to inclement weather. Refunds are given only if the class is cancelled by the MFA.