Patron Program Newsletter: Winter 2022

In this issue, get a Patrons take on the visionary art of J. M. W. Turner, featured in the upcoming exhibition Turners Modern World; meet Bobby Giglio, Pappalardo Assistant Curator of Musical Instruments; and read about the collaboration and ingenuity behind conserving an ancient Greek bust.

Conserving an Ancient Sculpture: A Story of Collaboration

Patron Program Committee
By Mary Margaret Graham, Patron Program Committee member As we enjoy the newly transformed galleries for art of ancient Greece, Rome, and the…

“Turner’s Modern World” Brings a Visionary to Boston

Patron Program Committee
By Judith Ritchie, Patron Program Committee member A major exhibition of British artist J. M. W. Turner’s work, organized by Tate Britain in…

Get to Know a Curator: Bobby Giglio

Patron Program Committee
The MFA’s impressive collection of musical instruments started with a single collector: English clergyman Francis William Galpin (1858–1945). Despite…