What is a Museum Council Meet-Up?

Museum Council Meet-Ups are opportunities to experience art around the city with fellow Museum Council members in a social, casual setting. Meet-Ups can include activities such as visits to galleries, art festivals and fairs, concerts, theater or dance performances, films, and more.

They are an excellent way to get to know other members of the Museum Council, and to get the most out of your membership by expanding your knowledge of Boston’s arts scene.

Who can go to Museum Council Meet-Ups?

Museum Council members and their friends. (There is no guest limit on Meet-Ups. The more, the merrier!)

Who organizes the Meet-Ups?

Each Meet-Up is hosted by a member of the Museum Council Steering Committee. The Meet-Up host chooses the activity, communicates a time and central meeting point, and meets you there!

How can I find out when and where the next Meet-Up is happening? Do I have to RSVP?

Current members of the Museum Council can receive invitations and RSVP for specific Meet-Ups by joining the MFA Boston Museum Council Meet-Ups group. Include your full name and Museum Council membership ID number in the comments section when sending your request to join the Meet-Up group. You can also contact the Museum Council office for more information on the next Meet-Up at museumcouncil@mfa.org or 617-369-3268.