Enroll in the MFA Fund Automatic Giving Program

Automatic Giving assures the Museum a steady flow of support, and allows the MFA Fund to save on postage, processing, and many other expenses involved in traditional fundraising.

Monthly, quarterly, or annual Automatic Giving is the easiest, most efficient way to bring art into the lives of others! With Automatic Giving you:

  • provide the MFA with a reliable stream of uninterrupted support
  • make your gift as cost-effective as possible
  • support the Museum on a schedule of your choice
  • enjoy the convenience of automatic renewal without reminders

How Automatic Giving Works

To enroll in the MFA Fund Automatic Giving Program, provide the Museum with a credit card number and select the amount and frequency of your gifts:

  • Monthly gift ($10 minimum)
  • Quarterly gift ($25 minimum) in March, June, September, and December
  • Annual gift (no minimum)

Gifts are charged on or about the first of the month(s) indicated. Each January the Museum issues you a tax receipt for all MFA Fund donations made during the previous calendar year. You may change the amount or frequency of your gifts at any time by calling the Museum. You receive no additional MFA Fund mailings and remain enrolled in the Automatic Giving program until you request to be removed. MFA Fund gifts do not apply to membership renewal. Enroll today by calling 617-369-3785.