Reinvent happy hour and delve into drawing in this fun online class - great for friends to take together when you can't meet up at the pubs. Bring your own paperpencils, and beverage of your choosing and play with mark-making, value, line, texture, color, and form. Students will explore the basics of perspective, shading, and color theory as you create your own compositions in graphite and color pencil. 

Students are responsible for providing their own materials. View the supply list.

Occurring every Thursday except 2/23

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Adults 21+

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About the Instructor

Susannah Lawrence is a multimedia artist whose works include drawing, sculpture, installation, site-specific video, interactive public art, and patented inventions. Her work has been exhibited nationally and abroad, and she has studied art in Australia, England, Germany, Italy, and Spain. For the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Youth Programs, she teaches sculpture, drawing, painting, and art theory. She is the coordinator for the Urbano Project’s Visual Art Curator Program and a mentoring instructor for the 100K Art-Science Prize Program at the Cloud Foundation in Boston.