Friday, January 24, 2020
10:30 am–12:30 pm
John, Bertram A. and Ronald M. Druker Family Pavilion (159A)

Please meet your instructors in the classroom by 10:15 am.

Ticket Required

Ages 3–5

Art of China

Join us as we explore the galleries to discover clues about what life was like in ancient China!
Activity: Use blue paint to decorate your own white ceramic vase.
Instructors: Alanna Woodlock and Antonio Mendéz

Ages 6–8

Mixing Colors and Making Paint

Learn about the history and production of paint–what is it and how was it invented? Discover how paint is made today and take a look at some of the many different colors of paint that exist.
Activity: Create your own paint and then use it to make your very own masterpiece.
Instructors: Sarah Pollman and Molly Lamb

Ages 9–11

Furniture Then and Now

Visit interior space galleries and discuss the differences between domestic life then and now. Discuss why particular furniture is on display in the Museum and see if you can predict what modern day furniture will be in museum collections in the future.
Activity: Create furniture using mixed materials such as cardboard, fabric, foam, etc.
Instructor: Sarah Moriarty


Understanding Art Conservation

Learn more about conserving art from centuries ago while taking a closer look at “Conservation in Action: Japanese Buddhist Sculpture in a New Light,” where seven figurative sculptures are currently undergoing conservation.
Activity: Learn the techniques to create your own figurative sculpture out of clay.
Instructor: Gianna Stewart

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Ticket Information

Tickets must be purchased in advance, and are only available for sale online. Tickets for the current week’s class are only available for sale until noon on Monday.

We regret that there is no make-up, refund, or rescheduling for classes missed by a child, even those due to inclement weather. Refunds are given only if the class is cancelled by the MFA.