Friday, November 22, 2019
7:00 pm–9:30 pm
Harry and Mildred Remis Auditorium (Auditorium 161)
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Short Films

The Tail (Kuyruk)

Directed by Yiğit Hepsev (Turkey, 2019, 10 min.). Digital.

Ekrem lives a calm life alone, with one exception—for years, he has woken up some mornings with a second head! One day, when his second head appears, Ekrem cuts it off and puts it in a trash bag. When he goes to throw it away, he encounters his neighbor, Şevval, who is aware of Ekrem's situation. As the two start talking, they grow closer, and Ekrem begins to question his existence.


Directed by Burkay Doğan (Turkey, 2018, 6 min.). Digital.

A woman trapped between her marriage and housework dreams of freedom while pedaling the sewing machine.

The Locksmith (Çilingir)

Directed by Ali Bilgin (Turkey, 2019, 15 min.). Digital.

Hasan is a locksmith who owns a tiny store in Istanbul. A pretty girl who has lost her key comes in at closing time one evening, begging for Hasan’s help. Intrigued by the girl’s friendly interest, Hasan begins to follow his customer home, and trouble begins for them both.

The Ruse (Dolap)

Directed by Osman Oguz Ogun (Turkey, 2018, 25 min.). Digital.

Married couple Hazer and Dilara go through life neglecting their domestic issues. With Dilara away on a work trip, Hazer books a room on Airbnb to a stranger, Benjamin. When Dilara abruptly returns home, the three of them are caught in a situation that leads to a breaking point.

Morality Police (Mutavva)

Directed by Berk Sata and Mert Sata (Turkey, 2019, 17 min.).

Middle-aged Adil is loyal to his religious life. He works as a dry cleaner and shares his apartment with his brother, a university student who Adil supports financially. One day, Adil earns his brother is an LGBT person and immediately feels disgust. When his brother becomes endangered, Adil must confront his prejudices and reconcile his dogmatic observance with the realities of his life.

Ad Infinitum (Sonsuz)

Directed by Murat Çetinkaya (Turkey, 2018, 13 min.).

At the center of a barren and mysterious universe stands a shed. From within, the Leader oversees his subordinates, but they cannot look inside. After an encounter with one of his subordinates, the Leader faces the fact that his authority is crumbling. In order to regain his authority, he decides to use brute force, but nevertheless the battle for authority persists.

Speechless (Suskunluk)

Directed by Merve Gezen (Turkey, 2019, 20 min.).

The voices of traumatized children are silenced until they find the strength to make their stories heard.

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Stone (Taş)

Directed by Alican Yücesoy (Turkey, 2019, 12 min.).

The film starts with the birth of a baby named Muzaffer. What sets him apart from the others in this is his curiosity.

Fine Dying (İyi Yemek Öldürür)

Directed by Umut Evirgen (Turkey, 2019, 15 min.). Digital.

Chef Arthur is entertaining important company for dinner. Arthur, who does yoga and kisses his flowers every morning, turns into another character when he dons his apron. There is no trace of this naive man anymore—he turns the kitchen into a battlefield while trying to cook the best food for his guests. When he steps into the kitchen, Arthur, who normally wouldn’t hurt a fly, does not shy away from murdering animals and sacrificing anything for flavor.

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