Saturday, November 16, 2019
12:00 pm–2:10 pm
Harry and Mildred Remis Auditorium (Auditorium 161)
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Short Films


Directed by Bilal Uğur Liman (Turkey, 2019, 3 min.). Digital. Animated short, 2019, 3 min.

100 years in the future, Istanbul has lost its soul. Once a home to many poets and their unforgettable words, the city can no longer recognize itself. Remains of the past are buried deep and memories are about close to forgotten. XYZT takes a journey into the city’s past. As poet Orhan Veli said, “I see Istanbul with my eyes closed.”

Open (Açık)

Directed by Kerem Altın (Turkey, 2018, 15 min.). Digital.

Adem wants to build his own boat so he can sail to a nearby island. In the process, he meets Ufuk and his girlfriend, Turgut, and an old lighthouse keeper. Ufuk and Turgut decide to help Adem build his boat, while in the distance, a little boy builds a sand castle. As the boat nears completion, Turgut’s deeper questions intensify.


Directed by Mahmut Mehmet Hamarat (Turkey, 2018, 4 min.). Digital.

A humorous film about the last drop of liquid in a straw.


Directed by Benhür Bolhava (Turkey, 2018, 12 min.). Digital.

A gas station attendant is on his way home from work when notices a robot doing his same job. Troubled by the sight, he begins to think about the robot more every day.

Sign (İşaret)

Directed by Uğur Şahin (Turkey, 2018, 6 min.) Digital.

On her way to work one morning, a white-collar young woman clashes with a man she does not know. When she arrives at the office, she notices a yellow dye stain on her arm. As she tries to remove the stain, she questions the collision from earlier that morning.

In Between (Navber)

Directed by Kadir Eman (Turkey, 2019, 12 min.). Digital.

Sarya is a 30-year-old housewife and the mother of a young girl. Sarya’s husband, an ex-convict, runs a small carpenter shop. Due to contrasting political opinions, Sarya finds herself torn between loyalty to her husband and attending her brother’s wedding.

The Wet Dress (Islak Elbise)

Directed by Erkan Orasan (Turkey, 2019, 9 min.). Digital.

Fatma is a widow who dreams of beginning a new life—until her children find out.

Cleats (Krampon)

Directed by Abdullah Şahin (Turkey, 2018, 11 min.) Digital.

Ilyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Syrian refugee Emir later joins them. Ilyas is passionate about soccer and wants to make the tryouts for a local team and Emir shares his passion. After seeing his father paying the debts of Emir’s family to the grocery store, Ilyas gives his new cleats as a gift to Emir but then his own cleats are destroyed. The shoemaker lends Ilyas bigger cleats, but the morning of tryouts, he drops them into the river. When Ilyas and Ahmet try to retrieve them from the water, Emir surprises them with what he’s done.

Caught in the Flood (Sulara Kapılmak)

Directed by Mustafa Deniz Doğan (Turkey, 2018, 16 min.). Digital. Abiding by tradition, a young bride's brother ties a red ribbon around her waist, indicating that she is a virgin. However, when the groom returns the bride to her family home the next day, the brother and sister begin a new journey together.

Understanding (İzan)

Directed by Ümit Aygül (Turkey, 2018, 6 min.). Digital.

Aydın is a well-known journalist who writes passionately about social injustices. How will he react to the child labor he observes on the street?

The Exchange (Takas)

Directed by Mehmet Kanadlı and Halil Ibrahim Kaplan (Turkey, 2018, 15 min.). Digital.

In a dystopian future where people must seek government permission to have children, an alternative system, “Exchange,” is built to balance the population and use of limited resources.

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