Beyond the Spectrum

Beyond the Spectrum Teens

Saturday, June 17, 2023
10:30 am–12:00 pm
John, Bertram A., and Ronald M. Druker Family Pavilion (Classroom 159)
Ticket Required

Adventures in Art for Teens on the Autism Spectrum

Class Description: Oceans, Boats, & Mixed Media

In this session, we will explore the sea and the different boats that have been a theme in art for many years. We will look through the MFA's collection of paintings and models of boats, providing an opportunity to appreciate the different styles and techniques used in representing boats in artwork.

After exploring the MFA's collection, we will return to the studio where we will create our own mixed media artwork inspired by boats. This will be a fun and creative session that will allow participants to express themselves and showcase their artistic abilities.

Join us for this exciting and engaging session to learn more about boats in art and to create your own masterpiece.


Instructor: Jessica Norton

For more information, see Beyond the Spectrum or e-mail

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