Louis Comfort Tiffany
Parakeets Window

The story of the Parakeets stained glass window—from national and international recognition to years of obscurity, followed by a return to the...

Arts of Ancient Nubia

Ancient Nubia was home to a series of civilizations between the sixth millennium B.C. and A.D. 350 that produced towering monuments, including more...

Unearthing Ancient Nubia
Photographs from the Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition

A chance to witness how ancient Nubian treasures were uncovered at the beginning of the twentieth century Specially trained Egyptian photographers...

Edward Weston
The Early Years

This book tells the story of Edward Weston before he was Edward Weston — before he was the renowned modernist photographer we know so well. His early...

The 8 Brokens
Chinese Bapo Painting

Developed during the mid-nineteenth century in China, the bapo "eight brokens" painting genre combines ingeniously realistic depictions of antique...

Klimt and Schiele

Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were among the most daring and controversial artists in Vienna during the culturally turbulent decades around the turn...

Takashi Murakami: Lineage of Eccentrics
A Collaboration with Nobuo Tsuji and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Takashi Murakami’s irreverent, pop culture–infused art has made him one of the most recognized Japanese artists today. His bright, contemporary...

The Propaganda Front
Postcards from the Era of World Wars

“Big Bertha” sends large-caliber greetings from Berlin. A Socialist worker raises the red flag. Adoring crowds greet Hitler and Mussolini. Uncle Sam...

Kuniyoshi X Kunisada

The rival ukiyo-e masters Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Utagawa Kunisada, the two best-selling designers of prints of the “floating world” in nineteenth...

The Seduction of Europe

This volume features 12 essays by prominent scholars that illuminate multiple facets of Giacomo Casanova’s world as reflected in the arts of his time...

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Editorial Reviews and Awards

Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories reveals a rich, complex and often overlooked history of North America as told from individual experiences manifested within the tradition of quiltmaking. The book illustrates how quilts are more than material objects of comfort and aesthetic beauty. They are archives of social, political and cultural histories.”
Art Libraries Society of North America

“In this pandemic year of missing most everything, we’ve been trained to look for silver linings wherever possible. So here’s mine: [Cy Twombly: Making Past Present], which I got a few months back, is gorgeous.”
—Murray Whyte, The Boston Globe

“In these flattened times, Writing the Future conveys motion. The book, a companion to a suspended exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, is about Basquiat, his contemporaries, and early hip-hop culture, but it’s also about the movements and rhythms of New York City—'the work of the subway writers became as optically and optimally omnipresent as the Manhattan skyline,' Greg Tate writes. And in its dynamic blend of art, history, and analysis, it has a movement of its own.”
—Dan Adler, Vanity Fair

About Writing the Future: “To leaf through this prodigy’s oeuvre intermingled with photos of what he called 'just … you know, my friends and stuff'; of their tags brightening storefronts and subway cars, of the boomboxes and leather jackets and reference books they at once desecrated and elevated, is to hold in your hands the record of a place and a time and a togetherness we can only hope one day to experience again.”
—Lauren Christensen, ​The New York Times Book Review

“[Casanova is] one of the flat out best art books of the year. Don’t miss it—you’ll read it like a novel with pictures.”
—Tyler Green, Modern Art Notes podcast

“The handsome volume [Hokusai’s Lost Manga] includes dozens of lively, lovely images, showcasing Hokusai’s skill at capturing movement, in swirling garments, in water, in wind, in bodies in motion at work, spinning pots on a wheel, making paper, washing a horse, trekking up a hill.”
Boston Sunday Globe

“[The Priest, the Prince, the Pasha is] a feat of storytelling that makes ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ look like kid stuff.”
The Wall Street Journal

“[In Holland on Paper, Cliff] Ackley has, in this stunning volume, contributed significantly to the larger project of opening up to the English-speaking world an intriguing chapter in what has until recently been among the best kept secrets of modern art. With the appearance of this splendidly illustrated and valuable book, the secret is out.”
—Joan E. Greer, Art in Print

“The large reproductions in [John Singer Sargent Watercolors], several with accompanying details, offer some of the best viewing of his work in printed form. Seduction will lead to Dazzle.”
—Carl Little, Art New England

”[She Who Tells a Story] may well go down as a landmark in the worlds of contemporary photography and graphic arts. In addition they illuminate the subtle but explosive changes now transforming Middle Eastern societies.”
—John G. Morris