Arts of Korea

Arts of Korea Gallery (Gallery 179)

The new gallery for the Arts of Korea opened November 16, 2012, and showcases the collection’s strengths in decorative arts, in 11th to 13th century celadons from the Hoyt collection, as well as spectacular pieces of lacquer and metalwork. Other works to be displayed in the gallery include a 12th-century gilt silver ewer and basin and a 14th-century gilt silver Buddhist reliquary, as well as a superb 18th-century trompe l’oeil bookshelf screen, on loan from a local private collection. In addition, the gallery, renovated with the support of the Korea Foundation, includes paintings, both Buddhist and secular, and newly acquired contemporary ceramics.

Jane Portal, Matsutaro Shoriki Chair, Art of Asia, Oceania, and Africa, describes some of the treasures of Korean art on view in the gallery in the introductory video below.


The establishment of this gallery was made possible by the support of the Korea Foundation. Additional support provided by the Samsung Foundation of Culture. Support for in-gallery multimedia from Song Hye-Kyo and Seo Kyoung-Duk.