Curators Circles: Art of Africa and Oceania

Learn about the latest research in African and Oceanic art, attend behind-the-scenes tours of exhibitions and gallery rotations, and examine art in storage at the MFA and other local museum collections. Meet fellow enthusiasts of African and Oceanic art and culture, from active art collectors to former Peace Corps volunteers. See art ranging from historical to contemporary and discuss the evolving representation of African and Oceanic art in museums today.

Membership contributions from Curators Circles: Art of Africa and Oceania participants directly sustain the department by providing funding for essential work that includes travel, research, and acquisitions.

For more information about this Curators Circle, please contact Haley Carey, department coordinator, at

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Of the $1,500 annual contribution for this Curators Circle, $1,150 is tax deductible. This is based on the fair market value of benefits. A tax receipt will be provided.
Dates, times, and events are subject to change.